Has Cannabis Helped People Get Through COVID-19?

April 29, 2021
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Has cannabis helped people get through COVID-19?

Jointly is a cannabis wellness app that launched in April of 2020. Jointly enables cannabis and CBD users to take control over their cannabis experience to achieve their wellness goals. You can scroll through our cannabis and CBD catalog and discover the highest-rated products. We will only show you legal, licensed products that are available at your local cannabis dispensary or medical marijuana clinic. Because of the timing of our launch, we have some data to share about why people are using cannabis and CBD during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cannabis and COVID-19: In Search of Wellness

Our data show that people are continuing to use cannabis for wellness goals, as they have for thousands of years. The modern wellness movement is about having agency over your well-being. That starts with setting a goal. Jointly supports twelve holistic health goals that reflect the reasons why people use cannabis and CBD: Relaxation, Reduced Anxiety, Stress Relief, Improved Sleep, Focus or Creativity, Managed Pain, Escape, Recovery, Replacing Drinking, Enhancing Intimacy, and Enjoying Social Experiences,. With Jointly, you choose a goal (or three) for why you are using cannabis, record the product and dosage, and track factors that may affect your personal experience. As you use the app, Jointly learns about what impacts your cannabis or CBD experience and uses that data to suggest actionable advice on how to achieve your wellness goals. During the period since our launch, approximately 22% of total searches were for products that help people Relax. Roughly 19.5% were for products to Reduce Anxiety, while 18% were for products to Relieve Stress. About 8% of total searches were for products to Improve Sleep, while 5% were to Manage Pain. Has Cannabis Helped People Get Through COVID-19? Recover, Enhance Intimacy and Enjoy Social Experiences were at the bottom of our distribution, with 4% and 3% respectively. In later editions of this report, when we have more data, we will break these searches down further by ingestion method, cannabinoid profile, age, gender, geography, and more. We will also show how people are using Jointly to improve their results over time as they dial in different factors that impact their cannabis experience.

Limitations to Our Data

This data was logged during the COVID-19 pandemic and is likely to be specific to this moment in time. Gyms were closed across the country, so perhaps fewer people were using cannabis with the goal of Recovery. Couples quarantined together in small apartments might have been looking to Relax rather than Enhance Intimacy. And the era of social distancing is not full of social experiences to enjoy. Legalization has created a dizzying array of products that can overwhelm both new and seasoned cannabis users. Our mission is to help people get the most out of the legal cannabis world. The Jointly app provides a tool to figure out if a product actually helps people do what it is advertised to do. Using Jointly, you can also look up cannabis and CBD products by wellness goal and see how other Jointly users have rated that product. For example, let’s say you want to find a cannabis product that helps you sleep. You would click on the Find button on the Jointly app, select Improve Sleep (and up to two other goals), and see all the cannabis and CBD products that Jointly members have tried to help them sleep, as well as how successful each product was in helping them achieve that goal. When Jointly users record a session, they rate how well a certain product is at helping them achieve their wellness goals on a scale of 1 to 10. Below is a table of the average rating for each goal. Has Cannabis Helped People Get Through COVID-19? As you can see, the ratings are fairly high, which means that Jointly users are successfully achieving their wellness goals using cannabis and CBD. In later editions when we have more users, we will break this data down into product type, cannabinoid profile and even highlight individual brands and products that our users love.

Achieving Your Wellness Goals with Cannabis and CBD

By creating a Jointly account and tracking your experiences, you can optimize how you use cannabis or CBD in order to eliminate side effects and achieve a desired result. You are also contributing to the Jointly community by giving other users valuable information about what impacted your experience and what products were effective or ineffective for you. The more people that use Jointly, the more useful and reliable the data becomes for the community. Has Cannabis Helped People Get Through COVID-19?Has Cannabis Helped People Get Through COVID-19? To our growing community of users that contributed to this Jointly Cannabis Wellness Goals Report – Volume 1: Thank You! To everyone else: download the Jointly app today and get started on your cannabis wellness journey! And stay tuned for later editions of this report as our community grows!
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