What's New in Jointly 2.0

September 30, 2022
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We are happy to report that Jointly 2.0 is ready, tested, and released for you in the App Store. Jointly 2.0 contains many important improvements, all based on your feedback. Here is some of what you will find in Jointly 2.0:

Creating Reports

We heard from you early on that selecting the product you used while creating your report was the hardest step in the process. We’ve made that process much easier. We invite you to check it out!

Our Database

Our database has grown to contain more than 1,200 brands and 35,000 products, so the odds are good that we have the product you are using in our cannabis and CBD catalog. If you can't find the product you are using, let us know via the link in the app and we’ll add it within 24 hours (and often faster than that).

Recent Products and Favorite Products

Jointly remembers the last few products you used. When you create your next report, Jointly now presents a list of the products for which you have recently completed a report - for easy re-selection. You can also always save products to your Favorites list and begin a report from there.

Personal Insights

We have made a number of improvements to our Personal Insights tool to make it easier to use and understand. That’s where you can discover which of Jointly’s 15 factors are impacting your results the most – and where you’ll find new routines to improve your experience.

Keyword Search

Check out the Keyword Search we’ve added in the lower right-hand corner of the home screen. You can search our product database by brand, product name, strain, and flavor. You can also filter your search results to see your favorite product types, or to find products that other users rate highly for your goals. Try searching “chocolate” if you like chocolate. Or “peppermint” if you’re into minty things. Or search for your favorite strain. And filter from there.

Wellness Center

Our Wellness Center has grown! In our new Wellness Center, you will find articles where we break down Jointly’s data and find trends. A recent article looked at which product types are highest rated for which wellness goals. Expect to see more of these. Our Wellness Center is also a good place to find answers to all your cannabis questions. Jointly examines the latest research on topics like cannabis for chronic pain, cannabis for migraines, cannabis for menopausal symptoms, cannabis for enhancing intimacy, and more. We invite you to browse around.

Results Tracker

And we are very excited to announce that we have added a new feature that helps you monitor your progress over time! It is called the Results Tracker. You can think of it like your cannabis report card. Who doesn’t want to get straight As on that? ---- If you believe in what we’re doing, please share Jointly with your friends to help us expand our cannabis social network. And when you discover that Jointly helps you improve your own cannabis experience, we would appreciate the kindness of an App Store Review so that we can help other people feel better, too! 

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