Jointly Users Are Feeling 38% Better!

March 1, 2022
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The Jointly App has some impressive results!

We have some exciting news to report: Jointly works! Jointly helps you enjoy your ideal cannabis experience every time by tracking the 15 factors that can impact your results. We've always known that was true.  It makes good sense. By tracking the 15 factors that can impact your results, you can turn the dials to get the results you want. Our CEO and Co-Founder Dave's journey with cannabis began with the precursor to Jointly. And as we assembled the team that has developed Jointly into the app you're using today, we've watched Jointly work for our friends and beta testers. We've been wanting to prove it. How would Jointly work for people we have never met? People we can't talk to and explain it to? Strangers? Well... reviewing the experiences of our users since our public launch in April 2020, we now have enough data to say that, on average, people feel 38% better after optimizing their cannabis consumption with Jointly. So, Jointly is working! We couldn’t be more excited. And, to be a little bold, we think that 38% will increase as more of you utilize more of Jointly's features. Here’s how we came up with that 38%: When you use Jointly, you rate how well a product helps you achieve your wellness goals, and you track the 15 factors that can impact your results. Then, you use Jointly to optimize your experience and monitor your progress to watch your results improve with time and practice. We looked at the average ratings for Jointly users during their first 5 cannabis sessions. Then, we compared that average to the ratings of the 11th session and beyond. We found that, after tracking more than ten cannabis sessions, Jointly users rate their experiences with the products they are using 38% higher than when they started. This is consistent with the conversations we have had with many of you about your experience with Jointly. Since we're talking about averages we should also say - there aren't outliers pulling up or down that percentage significantly. 90% of users creating at least 10 reports have improved their results in the range of 25% to 65%.

How are they doing it?

If you’re a person who already enjoys cannabis, think of the difference between that perfect feeling – the one you’re always striving for—and compare that to the disappointment when it’s just not quite working. And that perfect feeling can be different for each of us: Maybe you're after relaxation or stress relief. Someone else might be looking to manage some pain or recover after a hard workout. Still others might be trying to focus and stimulate their creativity. Setting your goal is just the start. Every person's endocannabinoid system is unique, too. Jointly shows you how to dial in the factors that can impact your individual experience: What is that perfect feeling for you? With Jointly, you can get it more often.

It’s A Journey

Optimizing your cannabis experience is a journey. Jointly makes that journey easy. We're seeing that our most successful users use Jointly to optimize their cannabis consumption. Then, they coast for a while and enjoy their success. They enjoy sharing what they have learned with the cannabis doctors, nurses and other wellness enthusiasts in Jointly's cannabis social network. But, after a while, things change. What could it be? Maybe their tolerance increases. Maybe their routines change. Maybe their body is changing. Maybe it’s the seasons. Maybe the brand changed growers. Experienced cannabis users will attest...  You're trying to enjoy that same product or strain that has worked for you in the past, but for some reason you’re no longer getting the results you want. When that happens, we recommend you commit to another round of Jointly and get the train back on the tracks. We invite you to explore our Wellness Center to answer all of your cannabis questions.
Jointly Better - FacebookJointly Better - TwitterJointly Better - Instagram
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