What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Smoke Them?

May 10, 2021
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What are Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are a relatively new product on the cannabis market. The term refers to cannabis buds that have been dipped in hash oil or concentrate and then rolled in kief. The end result is an extremely potent product that looks somewhat like a chocolate truffle.What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Smoke Them? Sometimes you will find this product called “caviar weed” or “weed caviar”, although these terms can also refer to cannabis flower soaked in hash oil, but not rolled in kief. While the origins of this decadent cannabis product are uncertain, in 2017 the rapper Kurupt teamed up with the cannabis brand Dr. Zodiak and popularized moonrock weed. Moon rocks are unique in that they have a similar potency to “dabable” concentrates, often clocking in at around 50% THC, but unlike concentrates, they are composed of both cannabis flower and kief, and thus contain the full spectrum of terpenes and lesser cannabinoids that provide the “entourage effect.” Even heavy cannabis users like Snoop Doggs find them to be extremely potent, so clear your schedule if you plan to try them. So, how much do moon rocks cost? While the price varies based on the quality of the ingredients, one gram usually costs around $30.

How to Make Moon Rocks

While you can find moon rocks at many dispensaries across the country, you can also make them at home. Many people prefer to make them at home because they can control the end product, for example they can choose to create purple moon rocks by selecting a richly colored cannabis strain like Blackberry Kush. If you make them at home, you can choose your favorite flower strain, your favorite concentrate, and use as much kief as you want. The process to make weed caviar or moon rocks is relatively simple.
  1. Select a few dense buds from your favorite cannabis strain.
  2. Choose your concentrate. If your concentrate is very sticky, apply heat to allow it to soften and liquify.
  3. Apply the concentrate to your cannabis flower. You can do this with a pipette or by rolling your bud in the concentrate.
  4. Roll the soaked bud in kief.
  5. Allow your homemade weed caviar to dry.

How to Smoke Weed Caviar

Unlike regular cannabis flower, you do not want to put your moon rocks in a grinder. The viscous oil will ruin the grinder. Many people have tried infused blunts or joints and wonder if they can roll a moon rock blunt or a moon rock joint. However, typically infused joints are created by rolling a regular blunt or a joint, soaking that in hash oil, and rolling the soaked blunt or joint in kief—all of which you can do at home. In general, that will be easier than trying to break up a moon rock and roll it up.What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Smoke Them? So how do you smoke a moon rock if not by rolling it into a joint or blunt? Most people prefer to consume it in a glass bowl, a bong, a chillum, or another device that allows them to light it regularly throughout the smoking session, as the hash oil can make it difficult to light. You can also consume moon rocks in a vaporizer, but it is best to lay down a layer of ground cannabis flower in the vaporizer chamber before adding your weed caviar to protect the heating element from the hash oil. If you buy moon rocks from a dispensary, you can record your experience with them on Jointly. Jointly can help you track and optimize the 15 factors that can impact your cannabis experience. These 15 factors include your dose, the time of day that you consume cannabis, your wellness goals, how much sleep you got the night before, and more. Curious about tracking and optimizing how you use cannabis and CBD? Download the Jointly app on the App Store or the Google Play Store to get started on your cannabis wellness journey.
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