Grow dispensary sales and give your customers the best cannabis experiences possible.

Jointly helps you sell more cannabis. We increase the size of your local market and the potential value of every customer.

Drive incremental revenue

Increase AOV

Reduce budtender training time

Consistently deliver high-value customer experiences

Here’s how Jointly can help power your dispensary:

Spark Pro

Over half-a-million consumers use the Jointly app to shop cannabis and enhance their lives every day. Your listing gets you in front of this growing community.

  • Spark AI will recommend your dispensary and products to users in your area
  • Jointly users will place orders at your dispensary directly from the app

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AI powered by millions of authentic data-points and product ratings.

Our platform is powered by millions of real user data points and ratings from the Jointly app community along with a robust library of medically-reviewed information, giving you and your customers the most effective, data-driven cannabis recommendations and personalized consumption guidance in the industry.
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Backed by half-a-million purposeful cannabis consumers

Jointly is changing the way people think about and use cannabis. The Jointly app is the only comprehensive companion for better well-being through purposeful cannabis consumption. App users shop and explore their best-performing products, rate their experiences, and unlock a personalized cannabis roadmap with guidance from Spark AI.
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Not all AI is created equal

Here’s why Jointly Spark AI is better than the rest:

Spark’s got the knowledge: powered by millions of real Jointly user insights and product ratings, and a robust library of science and data from across the web

Spark delivers results: an expert in purposeful consumption, helping people experience the full potential of cannabis

Spark remembers: getting better with each interaction

Spark’s a true co-pilot: the ultimate assistant, helping empower budtenders, not replace them

Try for yourself, and you’ll see what we mean.

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